• Considered one of the top ten sandwiches in the world and one of the top ten flavors
    of Europe, the Santiago’s Francesinha is now one of the largest gastronomic icons of
    Porto and Portugal. It is at Café Santiago that the Francesinha has its highest level of
    quality and recognition.

    Francesinha Santiago®
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    Where nothing happens by chance
    Everything is done with soul

Officially founded in 1959, Café Santiago opened its doors quite before, in the 1930s, as pasture and barroom house. Over time, it went undergone several major renovations as it almost nothing remains of its original decoration. In 1978, Mr. Fernando Pereira and Isabel Ferreira, the current owners, started their connection to Cafe Santiago by exploring the tobacconist that currently existed. In 1993, they acquired the entire property giving a new life to space itself. The Francesinha Santiago® has always been our primary reference, having emerged as the result of the development and improvement of the typical Francesinha in Porto, by dedicated elements of the Pereira family. Carefully selected ingredients, unique quilting process 100% handmade and its famous and delicious special sauce which recipe is a well-kept family secret, give the Francesinha Santiago® the status of major reference in the gastronomy of Porto and Portugal.

But trying to respond to the demand and success of Café Santiago, Café Santiago F appeared in 2011 also in Passos Manuel Street in Porto, faced to the Coliseum. As an independent project, managed by Filipe Pereira, Santiago F took place as the first expansion of Café Santiago. Thanks to a great team, confidence between its employees, known as the "Santiago family", the project was able to grow over the years. Café Santiago F is a relaxed and welcoming space where the top priority is quality. In resemblance to Café Santiago, everything that comes out of our kitchen is a homemade inspiration and Francesinha Santiago® is its Queen. The Francesinha Santiago® TOP is an exclusive.

The Kitchen

“Prego em Prato” or “Prego no Pão”

In Porto we call “Prego” (a Nail in English) a grilled steak with french fries. Mostly because in the old days, the meat was literally "hammered” in order to make it more tender .In Santiago Café, we serve the typical Porto ‘nails’. Served in a dish or in a single bread, our ‘nails’ are made with the best bull meat we receive daily, in which we put aside the fat and soften the meat, without the hammer.

Santiago’s Hotdog

The Santiago’s Hotdog is also one of our most popular references. When it’s served with sauce, some call it the Francesinha in a longer shape. With crunchy dog bread, fresh sausage, "linguiça", ham and cheese, Santiago’s Hotdog is assumed as an unique snack , or as a delicious appetizer, or even a good old simple snack.


Francesinha Santiago®

Our Francesinha

Francesinha Santiago®

Our Francesinha is made with loaf bread cooked in a wood burning stove. Before we use it we made a criterial selection of its shape and consistency and cut it in carefully slices

The preparation of our Francesinha Santiago starts with a thin slice of Mortadella; the flavor is tenuous but you can still feel it, aside adding its flavor we use it as base to the remanding ingredients.

We receive daily our fresh sausages that we use in our francesinha. We never precook them; we only grill it upon receiving your order just like we do with all ingredients. It gives a rustic and slightly smoked taste to our Francesinha.

Intense flavor, gives Francesinha Santiago® one rustic but slight smoky touch. The sausage is grilled at the same time and with the same process of fresh sausage.

People say that without a good steak you cannot make a good Francesinha; we receive the fresh meat in a full piece from our carefully chosen prime suppliers and after inspect them we cut it in tender fatless smaller steaks. We grill them in the stove and put it on top of the fresh sausages.

A slice of ham just right, a little thicker than thin, to enhance the flavor and texture. Our ham is always premium quality.

Inside Francesinha Santiago, we always put one slice of cheese with the right thickness. The cheese goes on top of the ham at room temperature and slowly starts to melt.

Toasting and grilling is not the same thing. Our bread is carefully toasted so you can feel it on your first bite.

A fried egg cooked without any oil is carefully placed on top of the toasted bread, the way we place the egg is our trademark. The mix of the egg yolk with the crunchy bread is simply outstanding.

We put 4 thin half circle shaped slices on top of the egg of our Francesinha Santiago. The cheese melts with the right consistency due to the hot sauce.

There are several ingredients that we use to make the Francesinha sauce. The right temperature, the pans, the spices, the time we cook it, everything combined makes the difference. Our sauce has soul; we call it Santiago Essence, the well-kept secret of our family. Inimitable.

That´s our secret ...


In Café Santiago there are no bosses. We are one big family that works restless with all our hearts, committed and dedicated to make things happen.

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Café Santiago

Equipa Santiago

Santiago F

Equipa Santiago


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